SOMINIERE is an independent precious minerals mining company with a diverse, high-quality portfolio of operations, projects and exploration activities across the mineral rich region of eastern Congo.

While gold is our principal product, we also have interests in diamond mining and other precious minerals where we can leverage existing assets, skills and experience to enhance value creation.

SOMINIERE has forged a reputation as a leading independent mining company focused on under-explored gold belts and primary kimberlite sources in DR Congo.

The Company operates a network of mines in DR Congo. In the mineral rich provinces of Sud Kivu, Nord Kivu, Maniema and Oriental, the Company has open-pit mines and several surface operations and also alluvial mining operations.

SOMINIERE’s exploration portfolio focuses principally on highly prospective areas in DRC.

In addition to its diversified precious minerals operating and cash-flow generating base, SOMINIERE has a number of exploration properties and pre-development properties in DRC. With an active exploration and development program, the Company has consistently grown its reserve base for future production.

Our Operations

Gold Production

SOMINIERE combines our significant assets across the mineral rich region of eastern Congo to create the single largest gold-producing complex in Congo, and realize the full potential of these mines through synergies and best-in-class operational improvements. The massive mining operation comprises 9 mines along with its associated infrastructure and processing facilities.

Diamond Production

When it comes to the shiniest and toughest mineral on earth, our diamond interests are represented by our 85% shareholding in Diamond Mining Cooperatives in the Oriental Province, DR Congo.

Together with its joint ventures, SOMINIERE produces thousands of carats of the rough diamonds per month, and employs over 1,750 people in the cooperatives.

Asset Portfolio

Across exploration, development, and production

SOMINIERE has a portfolio of gold mining assets in DR Congo. We hold interests in 9 licenses for exploration, development, and production of gold concessions.

Trade & Supply

At SOMINIERE, our commitment to gold does not stop with exploration and mining of gold, but extends to the bulk sale and supply of gold and gold products such as:

  • Gold bars
  • Gold bullion bars

We are dedicated to getting the right products to the right place for our customers.

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