Company Overview

We are a family owned and operated resource company. Our purpose is to create long-term stakeholders value through the discovery, acquisition, development and marketing of natural resources.


We stand at the forefront of the next generation of mining in Africa.

SOMINIERE is an indigenous mining company and our products are the essential ingredients in almost every aspect of modern life. Our portfolio of world-class competitive mining operations and undeveloped resources provides the metals and minerals that enable a cleaner, greener, more sustainable world and that meet the fast growing consumer-driven demands of the world’s developed and maturing economies.

We are at the cutting edge of Africa’s precious minerals sector, with significant investments in a robust portfolio of gold mines, as well as participating interests in diamond mines.

Our extensive asset base covers exploration, development, and production assets for both gold and diamonds, situated in DR Congo. We employ nearly 3,200 staff across 9 gold producing mines across eastern Congo.

We deliver sustainable value to our stakeholders as we continually grow our reserves by harnessing the optimum potential from our existing range of gold and diamond resources, while also acquiring high quality gold assets.

Alongside seasoned professionals who join us from a wide range of multinational companies, we nurture talented young individuals through a challenging accelerated training and exposure programme.

We are also committed to actively contributing to the socio-economic development of communities where we operate by creating jobs and increasing local capacity. Through a systematic implementation of our Environmental Health and Safety Management System, we ensure that our operations within these communities are safe, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible.

We do this with a leadership and development team that has decades of experience developing and operating mines safely and responsibly.

We conscientiously produce these precious metals, creating good jobs, fulfilling our promises, and extending the rich mining heritage of the nation.

SOMINIERE strives to grow sustainably and profitably while delivering excellent value to all our stakeholders. We achieve this through the efforts of our talented people, safe operational practices, best-in-class technology and a commitment to excellence in all we do.

We aspire to be an "employer of choice", providing a safe work environment that is progressive, inclusive and respectful of all employees and contractor employees.

  • Our story

    We are a family owned and operated resource company. Our purpose is to create long-term stakeholders value through the discovery, acquisition, development and marketing of natural resources.

  • mission & values

    To extract and convert minerals and metal from the SOMINIERE ore body, safely and profitably.

  • Objectives

    Create a Strong Enterprise Optimise Operations Resource for Success Sustainable Long Life


Complying with the SOMINIERE Mining Charter

SOMINIERE produces verified conflict-free gold from its cooperate mining operations in Nord Kivu, Sud Kivu and Maniema provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our network of mines produces regular shipments of gold and is viewed as the role model for establishing a secure supply of conflict free minerals from the region/

We adhere to the compliance requirements under the Dodd Frank Act and comply with OECD guidelines and abide by the SOMINIERE Mining Charter. SOMINIERE has always been committed to scrupulously observing national and international legislations regarding conflict mineral and is proud of the true manner of operations at its mines as it exists in the Sud Kivu, Nord Kivu and Maniema Provinces and carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations.

SOMINIERE has developed a comprehensive Transformation Strategy supported by a set of policies and procedures that seek to address the conflict-free elements on the mining regulators’ scorecard.

Fostering an inclusive work environment

SOMINIERE is committed to fostering an inclusive "equal opportunity workplace" and to cascading its diversity programmes throughout the business. In line with the SOMINIRERE charter, all our operations have social and labour plans (SLPs) with targets which have been developed in collaboration with employee representatives, communities and the Kivu Province.

We are actively progressing towards the achievement of employment equity and procurement targets, as set out in the Mining Charter

Conflict Free Minerals

SOMINIERE continues to be progressive in the DRC context in terms of conflict-free minerals and was an industry forerunner in this initiative long before any official government minerals legislation was promulgated to this effect.