Sustainable development is truly at the heart of our business and our sustainability vision is embedded in every aspect of what we do — we live it.

Our Commitment

Complying with the SOMINIERE Mining Charter

SOMINIERE produces verified conflict-free gold from its cooperate mining operations in Nord Kivu, Sud Kivu and Maniema provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our network of mines produces regular shipments of gold and is viewed as the role model for establishing a secure supply of conflict free minerals from the region.

We adhere to the compliance requirements under the Dodd Frank Act and comply with OECD guidelines and abide by the SOMINIERE Mining Charter. SOMINIERE has always been committed to scrupulously observing national and international legislations regarding conflict mineral and is proud of the true manner of operations at its mines as it exists in the Sud Kivu, Nord Kivu and Maniema Provinces and carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations.

SOMINIERE has developed a comprehensive Transformation Strategy supported by a set of policies and procedures that seek to address the conflict-free elements on the mining regulators’ scorecard.

Community involvement

SOMINIERE has an enviable record in community projects in DRC including

  • Power line construction;
  • Road construction and improvements;
  • Water bore drilling and pump installations;
  • Alternative livelihood project studies; and
  • Extensive employment.

SOMINIERE maintains a policy of employment from the regions of operation and from within our projects' local communities. Most of our qualified professionals are from DRC.

Health and Safety

SOMINIERE firmly believes that the health and safety of our employees and affected third parties is of prime importance in the successful pursuit of our business activities.

We are committed to conducting our operations in a manner that will prevent injuries or other health risks to our employees and those in the communities where we operate. In doing so, we embrace the principle that a zero lost-time-injury frequency rate is achievable.

We firmly believe that the benefits gained from successful health and safety programs are significant in both human and monetary terms. Therefore, high standards of occupational health and safety are pursued at all times and at all levels of our activities.

Anti Corruption Initiatives

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The Environment

SOMINIERE regards environmental care as an integral part of its business and is committed to excellence in the management of environmental matters. We aim to minimise environmental impacts at every stage of work from planning, through to exploration, development, mining, processing and decommissioning. SOMINIERE, through our personnel, will:

  • Maintain a comprehensive environmental management system;
  • Undertake consultation to ensure that community interests are considered;
  • Comply with applicable laws, regulations and standards;
  • Provide safeguards and contingency plans to mitigate potentialimpacts
  • Monitor all activities and strive to continually improve performance; and
  • Promote environmental awareness amongst the workforce to increase understanding of environmental responsibilities.

All employees and contractors are responsible for upholding SOMINIERE's standard of environmental management